Have you thought about the benefits that come with hiring a good office cleaning company? We are professionals just like you! We are properly trained to clean, dust and sanitize the environment.

Here are a few more reasons to call us right now:

  • Free over the phone estimates;
  • Competitive flat rates;
  • Flexible slots: weekends as well as bank holidays;
  • Our local cleaners are totally qualified, vetted, and insured;
  • We utilize eco-friendly products and detergents when needed;
  • Our services feature a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
A male janitor in a white uniform and gloves mops the floor in a clean, brightly lit corridor, smiling and standing next to a colorful cleaning cart.

Maintaining a perfect and clean office space costs a lot of valuable time, so, understandably, you would find it challenging to integrate cleaning into your busy schedule. To be truly reliable, cleaning companies must have sufficiently trained staff with specialized equipment to meet the specific weekly and seasonal cleaning needs. TG & Company is here to ensure top-notch commercial cleaning, secure your premises dazzle visitors, and provide a fresh, clean, and healthy environment for your employees. TG & Company specializes in delivering customizable, trouble-free cleaning services to home offices, big offices, and business locations. Our staff always arrive on time. With the proper cleaning equipment, our professionals work efficiently and know exactly where your time and attention are most needed. Knowing how to sanitize a bathroom or thoroughly clean a table can make all the difference in your workplace. Your office is a reflection of your company ethos so give it the clean it deserves. Call TG & Company right now for the best office and commercial cleaning services in Marin and the Bay Area!