Suppose you're like most homeowners out there you either don't have time or don't like to clean windows. Window cleaning is frustrating, time-consuming, and can be dangerous if it's not done carefully.


But this is for those who do not know TG & Company. Our team has years of experience and will do a professional job with your home's window washing. Our services are designed to meet the needs of everyone at reasonable prices. We are committed to paying attention to all details and quality, even if it requires a little more time.

Hand holding a red flashlight with a focused beam aiming towards a scenic hilly landscape under a clear blue sky, ideal for janitorial use.

How we work...

We know very well how important your house is for you and your family. We take all steps to ensure your home property protection and work safely. While many homeowners take great pains to obtain the most aesthetically appealing windows at home construction, not many take the measures they need to ensure that those windows are kept clean and safe. Windows in the home help filter sunlight and air, and these important functions are hindered when the windows are not kept spick and span. Dirty or improperly cleaned windows also make the home look unkempt, which certainly diminishes the home's quality in the eyes of the residents and visitors.